Happy New Year! 

Let me start off by saying – Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 bought you experiences and knowledge that made the year great, but let’s make 2016 even better! 

I can’t even believe Christmas is over and it’s now a whole new year! It’s flown by! Back to reality tomorrow! *cry* 

A few days ago it was the night where, even if you don’t do partying and drinking you DO. I had so much fun on New Years, it’s so nice to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in ages and especially to have a good dance!

It’s the night where all the girls try to outdo eachother and try to have the best outfit (don’t deny it girls!!!) I had been eyeing up a House of CB skirt for months, and after seeing it for £30 less on Depop I took the plunge and bought it! 

This is the Izumi skirt by House of CB, and I’m soooo in love! I wouldn’t usually wear something so daring but hey! It’s new year! 

I love how it still looks classic in a way and not cheap! I paired it with my Missguided bodysuit, which I also LOVE. It goes great with jeans and heels for a more casual look, but again looks fabulous paired with a dressy skirt for a nighttime look.

I tried to keep the look quite simple as the skirt is most definitely the statement piece. I finished my look with my Miss Selfridge nude and gold heels, and a little gold bangle from Next – only £5!

What did you wear this New Years? I would love to hear your comments! I hope you all have an amazing 2016, and thank you so much for reading! Xo

Don’t Just Live the Dream.. Work it!

Love it or hate it, work is something everyone has to do. From a young age we’re told we need to choose our careers and form our studies around that – something I don’t necessarily agree that 7 year olds are capable of! (I wanted to be a horse..) My Mum still tells me she has no idea what she wants to do as a career!!
I’m currently working in Fashion Recruitment – something that I really enjoy, and working with Fashion is always a plus! I’m working in an office with a fun bunch of people and there’s always chatter and jokes flying around – something I think is really important in a working environment. I’m constantly learning new things about Fashion and the way companies work, it’s something I fell into but very glad I did!

I’ve compiled a bit of inspiration of my dream workspace, environments I love and jobs I focus my ideas around.

I love the simplicity, not cluttered but it was a nice chilled vibe to it, great to work in and gather your ideas! 

I love how these images have inspiration and cut outs on the walls! I think this is a great way to brain storm and gather ideas! 

I’ve always been so interested in Fashion, and I would often ask my Mum “Am I the most fashionable one in the family?!” when I was younger. I always wanted a career with a focus on Fashion, but I didn’t think it was reachable. I’m slowly getting more experience and inspiration, and I hope to always work with Fashion – whatever it may be!

If you’re looking for a fabulous office space where your creative juices can flow, definitely check out WeWork. They are amazing for Freelancers, Non-Profit Organisations and so much more. 

“When we started WeWork in 2010, we wanted to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces. We wanted to build a community. A place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’. A place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfilment, not just the bottom line. Community is our catalyst.”

They definitely encore rate what I feel is important in the workplace!

What is your dream job and why!? I hope you enjoyed my post, and take a peek at WeWork.. You will be impressed!


Archived Outfits

Us girls are awful for buying and hoarding outfits.. And never wearing them! I think I could possibly be the worst culprit! 

I see a gorgeous dress and “I need it” flashes in my mind and I just have to buy it! Oopsie.. 

Recently I’ve been catching up on myself and wearing all my archived outfits and now I’m feeling cleansed! 

The first is this gorgeous pastel playsuit from Miss Selfridge. I bought it a few YEARS (oops) ago for a wedding but changed my mind at the last minute!  I wore it for my friend’s 21st the other week. 


I wore it with my nude strappy heels, also from Miss Selfridge. I love how it is quite boho in a way with the bell sleeves and relaxed deep neckline. It also was slit at the back which I love – anything backless is a plus for me!

The next of my outfits is this amazing draped number from an online boutique Steal Her Look

I’m obsessed with this wrapping detail – and it’s also backless! Plus.


It was only £40, but I love how expensive it looks!

I wore it with my black strappy heels from New Look and a little black leather clutch from H&M.

Have you got any archived looks?! Xo


I’ve had the best, most relaxing weekend as my boyfriend and I stayed at the amazing Midland Hotel in Manchester as an anniversary present. 

We booked in for a spa day which was absolute bliss! Facials and massages, I don’t think it gets much better! 

We had an evening out in Manchester’s Northern Quarter where we went to a few of our favourite bars.


I wore this amazing lace bodysuit from ASOS, which I think was only £28! My black Joni jeans from Topshop and my white blazer jacket from Primark, which was only £15! 


I love the simplicity of this look. I used bronze and gold eyeshadows on my eyes, with white shadow in the corners to open my eyes up! 


I also accessorised this look with my gold Swarvoski earrings, my gold DKNY watch and my best friend also bought me this gorgeous chocker style necklace, also from ASOS, which I love! 

What do you think of my look? Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! X

Winter Wedding Wonderland

To beat the Thursday rainy blues, I’ve written up some ideas to bring you some Winter Wedding inspiration, to help you if you’re attending a wedding or even getting married yourself!

The Black Tux have inspired ME to help the clueless and confused wedding guest on the appropriate attire for a Winter wedding, or a wedding in any season for that matter! The Black Tux are a fabulous suit rental company started up by two friends. Read their great story, and have a browse of their website here.

Firstly, with any wedding you would think straight away the most important element: the dress! However, let’s not leave the men out here! Suits are important too! I love a classic suit, but I also think different colour ways and patterns, such as – tweed and pinstripe, are a great way to add a fun twist!

Here are some of my top picks:


A three piece suit – you can never go wrong! This dapper grey suit is from The Black Tux and to rent this full outfit is only $195! I think this is classic, and super smart. To shop this look, click here.


If you’re wanting to channel your inner 007, look no further! Again, you cannot go wrong – it’s like a little black dress for men! I love the bow tie – it definitely gives an air of elegance. This is also from The Black Tux, to shop this look, click here.

I love keeping the colours warm within Winter, I’d have lots of gold accessories, and lots of greens, burnt oranges and reds. Perfect! 

To accessorize within a wedding, I’d go for beautiful gold cuff-links for men and a jewelled necklace or some statement earrings for ladies.


This gorgeous necklace from Swarovski, I think this is perfect for a wedding to wear with an evening dress! It sits just on your collar bone – which I find very flattering, and retails for £99.

I find the best places to shop for formal accessories, for men and women, would definitely be Accessorize and Monsoon, Swarovski, The Black Tux and Next.

Now, onto the dresses!


Or playsuit! This dreamy number is from Topshop, and I’m obsessed with it! I’m loving the dusty rose colouring, perfect for a wedding! This would obviously be suited to a girl in her teen years, up to mid twenties I would say! Pair with some gold strappy heels and matching clutch and your good to go!


For the more mature lady, I think this red lacy dress from Next is perfect! You could even add a fascinator for the finishing wedding touch! Gold heels and maybe some killer earrings and I think this would be stunning.

What do you think of my wedding inspiration and ideas? What else would you suggest?

If you’d like some more inspo, take a look at my Pinterest!

Emily xo

H&M X Balmain

Hello everyone!

I think everyone who loves fashion knows the STRUGGLE that today has been! I’ve been counting down until the launch of the much anticipated H&M X Balmain collaboration for months, and as soon as it launched… MELTDOWN.

The website and app have been blowing up with people desperate to get their hands on some Balmain goodness, I waited and waited for probably about three hours to see the collection. I haven’t been able to get any pieces yet, which I’m heartbroken about, seriously!

I think the reason people go crazy for collaborations like this is simple – affordable luxury. H&M is a Swedish brand that has taken over the high street, and I think will only continue to get bigger. I always compare H&M to Primark in sense of prices (it’s super affordable and reasonable) BUT has the quality and style of places like Topshop.

Balmain is everything I look for in a designer brand, as soon as you see a piece from a Balmain collection – you know. It’s very distinctive. I LOVE the mustard yellows, the emerald greens and monochrome colour schemes they have used in this particular collaboration, I think it’s just gorgeous.

Here are a few of my top picks:


This dress! As you all know, I’m obsessed with velvet. Hellloooo, hints in the name. High necked, long sleeved bodycon dresses are my dream! I think it’s super sexy, but very classy at the same time. You’re not showing excess amounts of skin, but your body shape still shines through. If I could have one piece from the collection, this would be it! Lace up heels, scraped back ponytail and a simple clutch. Simply gorgeous.


This is an obvious one! I’m a sucker for embellishment and beading, if I could buy beaded socks, I would! The angel that is Kendall Jenner is wearing this gorgeous blazer at the Billboard Music Awards, perfect with some black knee high booties.


Angel number two, Rosie, wearing these AMAZING patterned flared pants. These are to die for – I’m really loving funky flared pants at the moment. I love how she has kept to the same colour pallet, she looks incredible. I will definitely be on the hunt for these (or something very very similar!)


Last but by no means least – keeping in simple in this black velvet Balmain tee. I think this is great – mixing it up with casual simple clothing. I’d wear this with my black jeans and little suede heeled boots and a great leather jacket! This also comes in white – but I definitely much prefer it in black.

What are your thoughts, what would you pick? Were you lucky enough to grab some limited edition Balmain pieces?!

Love to hear from you!

Emily xo


Hello everyone! 

I’ve been trying to switch up my look lately and been wanting to go in a new direction, I’ve completely changed my taste in clothes within the past year!

I really love the boho-chic kind of look, which is the direction I’ve been trying to go in! I also love dressing up when I can and trying out new trends! 

You may have seen in previous posts that I’m loooovvvvinnnng thigh high lace up boots! I bought a pair from Public Desire a few months ago and had no idea how to style them! Black jeans and a bodysuit is one of the ideas I had, however when I had the chance to go out for my friends birthday, I took the plunge and wore them!

My white Kylie Jenner esque dress is from BooHoo originally but I bought this from a lovely girl on Depop for £15! Bargain. I thought as the boots are quite sexy I’d wear a dress that complimented them and showed them off, however didn’t show too much skin.

I got so many compliments and I loved my outfit in the end – I was a little unsure! 

I just styled it up with a little leather clutch from H&M and some little gold earrings from Swarovski

Contrary to belief – my boyfriend was baffled – they’re so comfortable! Your foot and ankle is so supported and they’re super easy to walk in. 

What trends are you living for at the moment? I hope you enjoyed, comment your thoughts! Xo

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Top Tips

Hello everyone, I’m sorry that my posts are seemingly slim and far between at the moment! I’ve been working full time since I’ve come home from travelling and I’m finding it quite hard to adjust to splitting my time between work / boyfriend / family / friends /alone time / social life / blogging haha! 

Today I wanted to write about all my little saving tips and tricks that I try (try VERY hard) to stick to! Saving is of course, very important – however, shopping comes right under that!

My first tip is – perfumes.

I’m one of those girls who love to drown themselves in perfume, which always ends in me running out very quickly! Sad face. It’s especially annoying if you’ve spend £60 plus pounds on perfume that’s gone in weeks! 

I’ve been buying Next’s perfume for years, to wear day to day and saving my expensive perfume for occasions. They smell amazing let me tell you! Even better is they range from £4 – £12. I’m really liking “Sparkle” at the moment for £8. They smell strong (in the sense that you can actually smell you have perfume on) and they have amazing lasting power for the price! 

My second tip is slightly contradictory! Spend more, save more. 

In the sense you get what you pay for. I’m trying now, to buy make-up and clothes that are slightly better quality. Which means that I buy less of them and keep them longer. I used to buy quite a few essentials from places like Primark and they just fall to pieces or go see through or break! I feel like if you get a number of good quality pieces that you can mix and match with, you’ll save a lot more! 

My third tip is charity shops and boot sales! 

You can find some asolute gems at boot sales and charity shops! Designer items, never been worn garments and brand new styles very often get dropped off at places like this. Quite often, people don’t realise the worth of clothes and let them go for peanuts! 

Another good tip of mine is, rummage in the sales!!! There is no shame!!! 

I think Topshop do really good sales, a really big range. I always have a good look in the sales, if it has stains on or buttons missing – it’ll come off no doubt and you’ll find new buttons on the inside of the garment of buy them new for pennies! If you comment on the problem you may even get more money off. 

If a style is a few sizes too big, but I love the item. I always think, will it look good over sized? Can I put a belt with this? It’s worth a try! 

My last tip is buying online. 

I just bought this beauty from Miss Selfridge for £14! It was supposed to be £20 in store, so it says on the label. 

You can get so many discount codes online too. If you’re a student sign up to Unidays! You will not regret it, so many discounts! 

I also think, signing up for newsletters is a bit of a bonus. It may be quite annoying getting numerous emails, however you get lots of codes and offers! Some offers you can only redeem if you sign up for a newsletter. 

What are your top tips for saving? What do you think of mine!? 

Have a lovely week! Xo

Keep it Social

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Have a lovely weekend! X


My boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Manchester for his belated birthday pres, from me👸 

We stayed in the fabulous Macdonald Manchester Hotel for the weekend and went out for some food and drinks!


(Before we got a curry and became the messiest humans alive..) 

My outfit for Saturday;


I wore my black Joni high-waisted jeans with my new ASOS flatforms, a white floaty top from Topshop and waterfall jacket from online boutique “Sorelle UK”. 

I adore this jacket, it was only £19.99! An absolute barg, it goes with so many outfits – take a look at their website. So many gorg bits, and for an amazing price!

I thought it was just the right amount of dressy.


I also added this thin gold body chain from Lamoda (online fashion retailer) underneath! I love this soooo much, I’d wear it with everything if I could, and I was less than £5! 

Then into the night time for drinks I switched into this;

I’m in loooove with this chain mail esque top from Missguided. I have to admit it was a bit of an impulse buy – but I’m so glad I bought it! It would look so good over a bikini, or if you’re daring enough, black hot pants and a bra top.

I got quite a few compliments about it, can’t wait to style it up again!

And finally, on Sunday I wore pretty much the same as Saturday however I wore my American Apparel bodysuit, which I just wear with everything, and you can see my Lamoda bodychain a bit better! 

What do you think of my looks?

I hope you had a lovely weekend! X