So like “Rio Live” and now NYFW 2014 Snapchat have devised a plan so that everyone can be at fashion week and I love it!


Here is Marc Jacobs and I’m obsessed with this stage, I think it looks really cool and futuristic!


The next one I tried to quickly screenshot was this Sophie Theallet, and these dresses were gorgeous! I love the embellishment right under the bust as I think this is a really flattering shape for most body types and really versatile. Just a few seconds after this she displayed some amazing floor length gowns, which were beautiful! I think this is a really wearable collection and definitely fitting for the Autumn/Fall season that is approaching.

What did you all think of the snapchat display?

Saturday Night Outing

It was my friends birthday on Saturday so for the first time in SO long I went out to Deansgate in Manchester, and had a really good night!
I’d bought this Topshop lace dress (£38) a few weeks before so luckily I had something to wear! It’s like the eyelash bralet that was hugely popular from Topshop but a tight spaghetti strap dress, it comes in black but I opted to buy Maroon to try and be a bit different!


I really love how this fits and I LOVE lace, and how feminine it is and how delicate it is! With this in mind I had to wear delicate shoes so I wore these nude and gold Miss Selfridge barely there heels (£49). I paired these with a gold oversized clutch from Dorothy Perkins (£10) to match the gold on my shoes!



This isn’t usually what I blog about but it’s kind of on the same page! I went to a restaurant in Manchester called Artisan and it’s so amazing inside I LOVE the decor.


It’s supposed to be based on a New York apartment and it’s all quite quirky and quaint inside with little lanterns and big poster pictures!
I love the wooden slates and brick acting as the walls and flooring I adore this kind of decorating. It gives it that undone casual feel while still looking really cool.


I’d definitely recommend for anyone in or around Manchester as the food was amazing too, and it’s just a really nice place! I wish I took a picture of the restaurant inside, there are little vintage sofas where you can sit with drinks with friends and the table restaurants are all sectioned off so it’s private!
There’s also a little photo booth which is adorable! A great place to go with friends.

Online Shopping Haul

Did a little haul on River Island Misguided! I really needed some new nice tops as I don’t even have any, I don’t know where they go! Or I just spend all my money on something else.. So I got a little high necked tartan crop top from Misguided (£5.99) and this cross-back backless bodysuit in baby blue from Misguided also in the sale (12.99) I’m obsessed with them! I think they’re so cute and for the price they look reasonably expensive! I think I’ve done well!


And lastly I got this little tartan asymmetric skirt from River Island (£28) I love it! It’s quite different I think, I love this for winter with thick tights and brogues! The material is really thick and you can tell it’s really good quality!


It’s officially the first of September and the start of Autumn season and that can only mean one thing fashion wise – darker colours and velvets and knits! However, I’m not done with Summer yet. I’m a real girly girl and I love wearing pastel colours and light fabrics.
Today I’m wearing all Topshop, I bought these blush Joni jeans yesterday and they’re an amazing fit! I love jeans that fit well and are high waisted as I think it gives you a lovely shape!


With this I’m wearing my Topshop cropped baby blue top that has some embellishing on the collar. I adore this top, not only did my best friend buy it for me but it’s just so cute! To fasten the back it has buttons all down it – they can be a pain as they pop open VERY often – but they look so pretty! I love this colour too, and the flower embellishing gives it that something extra.


Are you all ready for Autumn or are you still grasping onto Summer and the sunshine like I am?!


Took a little selfie in work before, I was cleaning so we hadn’t actually opened yet before you say I’m the worst sales assistant ever!! I’m actually very good you know😏 I quite liked my outfit even though it was really really simple and quite casual. I’m wearing a men’s deep V tshirt from American Apparel (obvs) with my black easy jeans!
I took a little twist with it today and tied my top so it was slightly cropped to make it more girly and a bit more fun! I love how this top is slightly sheer too, so that it isn’t really boring and simple!


Payday in less than 5 hours!!!! Be expecting a new post on all the new clothes I’ve hoarded for myself!


I’ve found an amazing new shopping app, I’m completely obsessed! If any of you have heard or used the website you will love this app!


It’s exactly like fancy, with the fact you browse loads of items – from clothing to cookery – and it’s things that you usually wouldn’t find with conventional shopping!
You make a little profile and “like” and “keep” the items you find interesting (hence the name) and then if something was to go in the sale, you get notified! What’s not to love!!!?


If anyone has it follow me using the username “emilypells” I’m completely addicted and I’ve made a little list of items all ready to buy on payday! You can choose the price range, item specifics so you can browse just what you want! I’d highly recommend, tell me what you think!!


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